Teleskopık iki kademeli pasarella Code
Full Length
Wide Loading Capacity
Ezb-4200 E 1500mm 200mm 400kg K
Ezb-4205 E 2000mm 200mm 600kg K
Ezb-4210 H 1500mm 200mm 400kg K
Ezb-4215 H 2000mm 200mm 400kg K
Ezb-4220 H 1500mm 200mm 600kg K
Ezb-4225 H 2000mm
200mm 600kg K

*(K) Wireless remote control, (E) powered by electric motor, (H) Powered by hydraulic motor.




Product Features

  • Sea water resistant AISI 316L Stainless steel construction.
  • Up and down movements are provided by hydraulic or electric motors.
  • Possible to mount the hydraulic and electrical power units even to confined and narrow places by their small dimensions.
  • In line with customers requests davits can be produced in different loading capacitises.
  • Remote control with cable or local control panel is exist.
  • Standard lifting capacity is 400 Kg.


  • Stainless steel supports.
  • Remote control unit.
  • Dinghy or Jet tender lifting apparatus.
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alert Different Lifting capacities are possible in line with the customer’ needs.
alertEzberci Marine  shall retain the rights of changing specifications mentioned above without notification