Extractable Telescopic Type of Ganagways

Kasalı Teleskopik Tip Pasarella Code
Full Length
Wide Loading Capacity
Ezb-1200-30 3000mm 450mm 150kg T,P,A,C
Ezb-1200-40 4000mm 450mm 150kg T,P,A,C
Ezb-1210-30 3k 3000mm 450mm 150km T,P,A,C
Ezb-1210-35 3k 3500mm 450mm 150km T,P,A,C
*T:Teakwood grating, P:Plastic grating, (A) illumination, (C) Double sided hand rails.




Product Features

  • AISI 304 stainless steel, water proof case-construction.
  • Polished AISI 316L stainless steel construction with seawater resistance teakwood or UV (Ultraviolet) and wear and tear resist plastic grating.
  • Handrails are located to their position after full length of gangway by automatically.
  • Stainless steel Hydraulic Power system cylinders.
  • Possible to mount the hydraulic and electrical power units even to confined and narrow places by their small dimensions.
  • Gangways can be produced by polished stainless steel (Shiny) or painted in line with customer’s choices.
  • Wireless remote control and fixed control on panel are exist.
  • System can be operated by hand pump in case of power-cut.
  • According to design features can be produced in two or three segments.


  • Fiber optic or led bar illumination;
  • Handrails for both sides;
  • Load lifting feature.
alert Different Lifting capacities are possible in line with the customer’ needs
alertEzberci Marine shall retain the rights of changing specifications mentioned above without notification.