Compact Type Cranes

Compact Type Cranes Code
Full Length
Wide Loading Capacity
Ezb-2150-30 S 3000mm 600mm 400kg MP, KA, KS, K
Ezb-2155-30 S 3000mm 600mm 600kg MP, KA, KS, K
Ezb-2160-30 S 3000mm 600mm 800kg MP, KA, KS, K
Ezb-2200-30 T 30000mm 600mm 400kg MP, KA, KS, K
Ezb-2205-30 T 3000mm 600mm 600kg MP, KA, KS, K
Ezb-2210-30 T 3000mm
600mm 800kg MP, KA, KS, K
  • (MP) Manuel Hand Pump; (KA) Dinghy or jet tender lifting apparatus; (KS) Boat chock system, (S) Fixed Boom Model , (T) Telescopic Boom Model; (K) Wireless Remote Control Unit




Product Features

  • Cranes bodies are produced form stainless steel construction and finishing can be polished stainless steel or epoxy painted
  • Up and down and telescopic movements cylinders are produced from stainless steel.
  • Hydraulic power unit is located inside of the crane body, by this way more space are assured and mounting, service and fixing operations are easy.
  • Remote control with cable unit is located on the body of the crane.
  • According to design features can be produced in two or three segments.
  • Different slewing angles (90°, 180°, 270°) can be applied in line with customer’s choices.
  • Special designs requests are wellcome.
  • All cranes are tested with 125% (25% overload test) load in factory before mounting.


  • System can be operated by hand pump in case of power-cut.
  • Dinghy or jet tender lifting apparatus.
  • Mechanic or hydraulic powered boat chock systems.
  • Wireless remote control unit.
alert Special designs for different loads can be produced in line with the customer’ needs
alertEzberci Marine shall retain the rights of changing specifications mentioned above without notification.